mastering-system-administration-with-python IT and software
Mastering System Administration with Python
Master python for System Administration. Automation, System Monitoring, IT and Software and mach more
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make-short-films-in-unreal-engine-5-with-metahumans Design
Make Short Films in Unreal Engine 5 with Metahumans
Learn the Basics of Using Metahumans in UE5 by Making a Hyper realistic Short Film. Author: Nafay Sheikh
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create-3d-photorealistic-faces Design
Create 3D Photorealistic Faces
Realistic Renders. Author: Gerardo Torres Carrillo The course was downloaded from open Internet sources.
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25-days-to-business-english Educational and academic disciplines
25 Days to Business English
Intermediate Vocabulary and Grammar for Everyday Business. Author: Nathan Adlam The course was downloaded
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fusion-and-blender-vfx-masterclass Photography and video
Fusion and Blender VFX Masterclass
Create your own stunning VFX shots using Fusion & Blender — From 3D camera tracking to
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canva-for-social-media-graphic-design Design
Canva for Social Media Graphic Design and Video Editing
Canva for Every Post: Create Stunning Social Media Graphics and Videos for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube
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the-full-seo-training-2023 Marketing
The Full SEO Training 2023 (+ 20 TOP Experts Teach You Fast)
Learn from the best to become the best. SEO is simple with the right knowledge how to get traffic.
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how-to-create-voices-with-ai Personal growth
How to Create Voices with AI
Learn How to Use ChatGPT, Adobe AI and 11 Labs AI to Create and Clone Human Voices in Minutes.
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chatgpt-course Business
Step by Step ChatGPT Tutorial
The ChatGPT for Beginners course provides comprehensive instruction on effectively utilizing ChatGPT
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chrome-extension-101 IT and software
Chrome Extension 101: Mastering the Basics
Master Chrome extensions: logic building, scripting, and manifest permissions in ‘Chrome Extension
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