25-days-to-business-englishEducational and academic disciplines
25 Days to Business English
Intermediate Vocabulary and Grammar for Everyday Business. Author: Nathan Adlam The course was downloaded from open Internet sources. Copyrights to the
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fluid-mechanics-basic-mathematical-derivationsEducational and academic disciplines
Fluid Mechanics – Basic mathematical derivations
This introductory course in Fluid Mechanics deals with the basic concepts of fluid statics, fluid kinematics, fluid dynamics, flow measurement, and similitude.
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walkaround-inspection-for-diesel-generatorsEducational and academic disciplines
Walkaround Inspection for Diesel Generators
This program would give you the knowledge on how to perform Visual Walk Around Inspection on Diesel Generator safely, efficiently, and effectively towards
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first-order-differential-equationsEducational and academic disciplines
First Order Differential Equations
Differential Equations, Types of Differential Equation , Order , Degree, Formation of Differential Equation. Author: Dr. Zeeshan Saleem Mufti The course
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the-english-master-course-english-grammar-english-speakingEducational and academic disciplines
The English Master Course English Grammar, English Speaking
The Complete English Language Course: English grammar, English speaking, and writing. British and American English. Author: Scott Mendoza The course was
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intermediate-advanced-english-courseEducational and academic disciplines
Intermediate-Advanced English Course
Intermediate-Advanced intensive English course. 57 hours of spoken English, listening, English vocabulary and more. Author: Logus Academy The course was
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learn-arabic-language-courseEducational and academic disciplines
Learn Arabic Language Course
In this Arabic language course, you will learn Arabic and boost your Arabic skills with a comprehensive Arabic course. Author: Dr. Haytham Ibrahim The
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biotechnology-antibodies-their-role-in-therapeuticsEducational and academic disciplines
Biotechnology: Antibodies & their role in Therapeutics
Learn about Antibodies: Their Structure, Types, Functions and Role in Therapeutics & Diagnostics | Immunology | Biology Author: Roohi Bansal, PhD The
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