mastering-system-administration-with-pythonIT and software
Mastering System Administration with Python
Master python for System Administration. Automation, System Monitoring, IT and Software and mach more Author: Neamatullah Ekhteyari The course was downloaded
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chrome-extension-101IT and software
Chrome Extension 101: Mastering the Basics
Master Chrome extensions: logic building, scripting, and manifest permissions in ‘Chrome Extension 101’. Author: Arijit Pariya The course was
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fastest-keyboard-typing-courseIT and software
FASTEST Keyboard Typing Course
Learn how to become the fastest keyboard typer with amazing tips shared by the fastest typer himself. Author: Petar Malinovic The course was downloaded
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aws-cloud-computing-certification-crash-courseIT and software
AWS Cloud Computing Certification-Crash Course
Nurture Course designed for beginners in AWS. Beginner’s guide to AWS and Cloud Computing. Author: Skilrow Trainings The course was downloaded from
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advanced-chatbots-with-deep-learning-pythonIT and software
Advanced Chatbots with Deep Learning & Python
We’ll learn all the basic and necessary concepts for developing chatbots along with the deep learning models. Author: Shahzaib Hamid The course was downloaded
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implementing-and-administering-ad-fsIT and software
Implementing and Administering AD FS
With AD FS, your organization can manage its own user accounts, and users have to remember only one set of credentials. Author: Vitalii Shumylo The course
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web-3-0-dapps-smart-contract-for-pentesting-bug-bountiesIT and software
Web 3.0 DApps & Smart Contract for Pentesting & Bug Bounties
Practical course to Web 3 Pentesting & Bug bounties. Learn about Web 3 Security and How to identify vulnerabilities in Smart Contracts for Pentesting &
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advance-wireless-networking-from-a-to-zIT and software
Advance Wireless Networking from A to Z
In this course, we will cover almost everything related to wireless technologies such as wireless routers, wireless modems, wireless access points, wireless
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how-to-perform-an-information-security-auditIT and software
How to Perform an Information Security Audit
We are glad to bring you a course to learn how to perform information security audits. Author: Adrian Resag The course was downloaded from open Internet sources.
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ros2-c-robotics-developer-course-using-ros2-in-cIT and software
ROS2 C++ Robotics Developer Course — Using ROS2 In C++
Gain expertise in the latest version of the Robot Operating System (ROS 2) in C++ to program your own robots. Author: Raymond Andrade The course was downloaded
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