how-to-create-voices-with-aiPersonal growth
How to Create Voices with AI
Learn How to Use ChatGPT, Adobe AI and 11 Labs AI to Create and Clone Human Voices in Minutes. Author: Manas Roy The course was downloaded from open Internet sources.
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the-fine-art-of-speaking-to-each-other-not-at-each-otherPersonal growth
The Fine Art Of Speaking To Each Other – Not At Each Other
Get Your Message Across To Others And Understand Their Message To You. Author: Michael Wilson The course was downloaded from open Internet sources.
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healing-toxic-shame-recovery-sessionPersonal growth
Healing Toxic Shame (Recovery Session)
Toxic shame is a source of most mental health conditions we now understand. It is also a source of violence to self and others. Author: Only Oladipo The
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the-freelance-masterclassPersonal growth
The freelance Masterclass
In this masterclass, you will get exposed to tested, trusted, and valid freelancing platforms where you can land international gigs and clients.
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how-to-become-a-blockchain-architectPersonal growth
How to become a Blockchain Architect
Blockchain is one of the most in demand skills in IT right now. Find out if a career in blockchain is good for you. Author: Joseph Holbrook The course
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thriving-in-a-hybrid-work-environment-practical-techniquesPersonal growth
Thriving in a Hybrid Work Environment : Practical Techniques
Understanding the hybrid work environment challenges and solutions to thrive in career. Explains software job as example Author: Rouge Neuron Academy The
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