sell-kid-coloring-books-on-amazon-kdp-using-canva Business
Sell kid Coloring books on Amazon KDP using Canva
Create and publish, and sell your first children’s book on Amazon KDP in no time and for FREE
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thriving-in-a-hybrid-work-environment-practical-techniques Personal growth
Thriving in a Hybrid Work Environment : Practical Techniques
Understanding the hybrid work environment challenges and solutions to thrive in career. Explains software
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master-the-basics-of-geometry-nodes Design
Master The Basics of Geometry Nodes
The Ultimate Guide to Thinking Like a Procedural Artist Author: Yassine Larayedh The course was downloaded
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learn-azure-data-factory-and-aws-glue-etl IT and software
Learn Azure data factory and AWS GLUE (ETL)
Master ETL in cloud with AWS glue & Azure data factory lab Author: manish tiwari The course was downloaded
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search-engine-optimization-for-youtube-success Seo
Search Engine Optimization for YouTube Success
This is a clear, Step-by-Step guide for doing proper YouTube SEO Author: Greg Shields The course was
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excel-for-microsoft-2022-from-beginner-to-advanced Office software
Excel for Microsoft 2022: From Beginner to Advanced
Microsoft Excel Formulas and Functions in 10 weeks Program. Microsoft Excel 2010 2013 2016, Excel 2019
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indian-culinary-world-master-the-art-of-indian-cooking Food and drink
Indian Culinary World — Master the art of Indian Cooking
Secrets of cooking delicious Indian food, from SizzlingPots — join 8000+ students in 125 countries
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three-js-and-typescript Development
Three.js and TypeScript
Learn Threejs, TypeScript and NodeJS to create interactive 3D content on the web. Author: Sean Bradley
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the-git-github-bootcam Development
The Git & Github Bootcamp
Master the essentials and the tricky bits: rebasing, squashing, stashing, reflogs, blobs, trees, &
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sql-for-developers-data-analysts-and-bi-mysql-for-everyone IT and software
SQL for Developers, Data Analysts and BI. MySQL for everyone
Learn SQL with MySQL Workbench from zero. Great match for beginners in SQL, coders with any experience
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