Illustrating Vector Storyboards for Animation

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This class is for anyone that is interested in vector illustration for motion design or starting out (freelance) in the motion design industry, but knows the basics of adobe software.

Author: Amanda Motion

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Administration of the project



In this class you will learn all about the motion design process. From introducing the brief to delivering your vector storyboard!

Learn how to come up with a creative direction, make style-frames, present your work and illustrate for motion.

As a Freelance Motion Designer I’ve stumbled across many tips and tricks from different studios, projects and (online) teachers. With all that knowledge, I’ve created a reliable and industry proof process for myself.

We’ll go over different stages while working along side on a creative brief from Mr. Cat:

Researching: Finding out everything we need to know and setting up our project for succes!

Concepting: Generating new ideas and figuring out our creative direction. Including:

  • Moodboards
  • Storyboard Sketching & Templates
  • Composition Tips
  • Animatics
  1. Design: Illustrating a style frame based on our creative direction and learning how to illustrate for motion. Including a style frame questionnaire!
  2. Presenting: Delivering all of your hard work to your client.
  3. Production: Creating a visual design (aka full storyboard) in Adobe Illustrator including some helpful tips and tricks about Illustrator itself and how to prepare artwork for motion.

I’ve included many templates to give you a head start in the industry! But most of all I hope this class can give you more confidence in your own process, show you how fun it can be and prevent you from pulling out your hair when it get’s frustrating!

If you are unfamiliar you can still follow along, but I do not explain all the software I’ve used. So it might be a bit overwhelming! If you are an intermediate illustrator / more experienced you can always skip a head to the lessons you might find interesting.


1. Class Trailer
2. Research: Introducing the Brief
3. Research: What you need to know
4. Research: File Management
5. Concepting: Creating a Moodboard
6. Concept: Thumbnail Sketching
7. Concept: Compositions
8. Concept: Storyboard PDF
9. Concept: Creating an Animatic
10. Design: Introduction Styleframes
11. Design: Set-up Styleframes
12. Design: Rules for Motion Design
13. Presenting: How to present your work!
14. Production: Setting-up Artboards
15. Production: Illustrator Tips
16. Production: Layering
17. Good Job!



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