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Through the essential leather carving tools, learn the basic techniques of leather carving of pencil bags and the skills of conventional dyeing.

Author: Wilson Huang

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Use a rotary knife to carve lines, and use the cooperation of different tools to do work with a shallow relief effect. Then follow the demonstration of the course, and make wonderful pencil bags by various techniques such as punching, sewing, and polishing the edges.

Of course, you can also place other items, such as glasses, stationery, jewelry, cosmetics, and various small gifts.

The course lasts 51 minutes after precise editing. It is divided into leather carving and dyeing and pencil box making. It has four chapters, multi-lens, and multi-angle high-definition shooting, with voice explanation and English subtitles.

There are 20 years of leather carving art teachers to give a detailed demonstration. The whole process is easy to understand, and low-cost to learn leather carving art. Suitable for beginners who like leather carving art.

The lecturer is a professional leather carving craftsman. He has 20 years of experience in leather carving research. His research projects include leather carving techniques on portraits, landscapes, animals, flowers, and other subjects. He has trained hundreds of students (ranging from 5 to 70 years old) and has rich experience in course recording.

If you have problems with your study, you can contact me and communicate with me. I’m glad you can participate in this course. I also hope to communicate with you and work together to make you feel the fun of learning leather carving.


  • People who like leather carving art


  • Have some basic knowledge of leather carving and related tools


  1. How to copy a template
  2. How to use a rotary cutter to mark lines
  3. How to express the structure and texture of patterns
  4. How to carve decorative lines
  5. How to sculpt the background
  6. How to fill the background color
  7. How to make retro color effect
  8. How to install the zipper
  9. How to punch and sew
  10. How to grind edges
  11. How to combine into a pencil case


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