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The ChatGPT for Beginners course provides comprehensive instruction on effectively utilizing ChatGPT for content creation and company promotion purposes.

Author: Suman Paul

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This course aims to provide instruction on the creation of coding prompts and related materials, encompassing reports, suggestions, summaries, and email prompts. In addition, we will discuss the utilization and generation of text based on keywords, alongside marketing strategies, with the aim of optimizing the benefits derived from ChatGPT.

Furthermore, the user will get knowledge regarding the various applications of ChatGPT in diverse domains, including but not limited to data science and customer service. Additionally, the discussion will encompass strategies for generating input to enhance conversational proficiency.

Finally, participants will acquire the knowledge of utilizing ChatGPT script writing in order to develop engaging and practical conversational interactions for their consumers. In addition, we will discuss the limitations of ChatGPT and explore strategies to mitigate these limitations in order to optimize the user experience.

By the conclusion of this course, participants will acquire comprehensive knowledge of the capabilities of ChatGPT, the process of developing a curriculum, generating code prompts, producing instructional materials, and leveraging its potential for marketing purposes.

This course offers a practical demonstration of integrating ChatGPT into a marketing plan, showcasing its potential for creating impactful marketing campaigns and providing additional insights.

The objective of this course is to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively utilize and derive advantages from the remarkable artificial intelligence tools that are transforming our approach to work, tasks, and creativity. Enhance productivity, facilitate knowledge integration, and expedite learning processes through the implementation of efficient quick engineering techniques.


  • Anyone who wants to learn ChatGPT & Up-skill themselves


  • No Prior Experience Need to Opt for this Course


  1. Basics of ChatGPT in 2024
  2. Limitations of ChatGPT while using Prompt
  3. Implementation & Use of AI/ ChatGPT in real world
  4. Future of AI/ChatGPT


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