YouTube Academy: Complete Beginner to Pro Step-by-Step

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An In-depth Guide to Starting, Branding, Filming, Growing and Earning with YouTube

Author: And Britain

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This course covers everything you need to know from discovering what to make your channel about, planning, branding, filming, equipment; how to upload; how to use tags and titles, getting monetized and how to review your analytics inside YouTube.

The complete guide from A-Z for everything you need to know, all in one place for YouTube. Become a YouTube creator today! Plus, handy sheets to fill out on your way through the course so by the end of the course you’ll have a complete pack of what your videos could be about, what they could look like and guides to follow so your videos and channel has the best chance of success.

This course covers everything from the basics to looking into the algorithm (what makes YouTube more likely to share your content) for a complete understanding of YouTube.

*This course was filmed in December 2020, there have been some updates but some layout lectures for youtube may look slightly different — just so you are aware. YouTube is constantly updating the platform layout and appearence, we’ll do our best to update the course to reflect this.

Feel free to message us inside any lecture and we’ll get back to everyone with any queries you have. Or share videos, channels or thumbnail designs directly and we can take a look and advise. We look forward to seeing you on the course and hearing about you starting your YouTube journey, your plans, research, goals and more. See you real soon!


  • Beginner Youtube creators
  • All aspiring Youtube creators
  • Existing YouTube channel owners who want to grow faster


  • Just have a want to get going creating a YouTube channel and learn how to grow it


  1. How to set up and grow a successful YouTube channel from scratch
  2. Understand how youtube works and ranks videos
  3. How to making money on YouTube works (CPM / RPM)
  4. Set up your branding for a YouTube Channel
  5. How to decide what to make your channel about
  6. YouTube Analytics and how to use them
  7. Step by Step how to set up a channel and upload videos
  8. Step by Step how to make a YouTube video
  9. How to optimise titles, keywords, thumbnails and more


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